Mount of Olives Housing Project


In 1946 there were 31,400 Christians living in Jerusalem along with 99,000 Jews and 34,000 Muslims. Today, there are over 440,000 Jews, 200,000 Muslims, but less than 10,000 Christians.

While the Jewish and Muslim populations have grown significantly, it appears that in the coming decades there could be virtually no Palestinian Christians living in Jerusalem.

Together we can build a housing project that will help alleviate the critical shortage of housing in Jerusalem and at the same time strengthen the dwindling Christian presence there.

Shortage of Affordable Housing

The shortage of affordable housing in Jerusalem is a key factor contributing to the departure of many Christians.

An empowered Christian minority will play an important role in building a modern and democratic Palestinian society and state. Palestinian Christians and their churches, schools, and health services often play peace-keeping roles between Israelis and Palestinians. Enabling Christians to continue to live in Jerusalem is crucial to strengthening Jerusalem as a city of peace shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims and to promoting peace and reconciliation among Jews, Christians, and Muslims around the world.



Partnering for Human Rights

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL), and the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria Foundation (KAVF) are addressing the need for housing through the construction of 84 apartments on the LWF property on the Mount of Olives.

These housing units will be leased to individuals, couples and families at subsidized rates, providing a much-needed affordable housing option within Jerusalem.

This solution will enable many Palestinian Jerusalemites to maintain their Jerusalem residency that holds with it many rights, including the right to work and live in Jerusalem and to move freely within its boundaries. Jerusalemites also receive health care and pensions that are critical to maintaining family life. But without adequate housing, these Palestinian Christian and Muslim families are being forced to leave the city of their heritage and to relinquish their rights.

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Together we can build a housing project that will help alleviate the critical shortage of housing and strengthen the dwindling Christian presence in Jerusalem.

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